Experience Design: The Next Evolution Of Brand Development

Brand Quarterly

Online expressions are influencing impressions.  This is setting the stage for shared experiences to collectively shape how people view your brand, outside of how you define it.

Have you thought about what you most often share on social media?  Usually, it’s the experiences you have in any given moment.  You reach for your smartphone and capture a moment to share with your friends, which incites engagement in real time.  Whether you realize it or not, the experiences you share contribute to your brand.  Yet, these branded moments are largely left to chance.

Basically, companies offer products and services in touch points that engender reactions.  Executives want people to have delightful experiences, but I’d argue that reactions are left to chance and are not necessarily designed to elicit a given response… in each touch point… in every moment of truth.  I believe the next generation of branding will not start with creative but rather experience design. Read

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